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World Café Green Homeowner – Attitudes and Preferences

I attended a Green Building World Summit. These are notes I took which I find pertinent for anyone interested in the greening your life by purchasing materials which will contribute to the well being of your built environment. - Linda

World Café Green Homeowner – Attitudes and Preferences

McGraw Hill Construction on 1/4/2007 released a survey of 233 million households. The website is

Homeowners will lose 1.2 trillion dollars in property values in 2008.

There is a convergence of media, venture capital, big business, policy, consumer demand, and green bldg. finance developing national green building standards.

Buyers hear about green homes from builders, word of mouth, TV, internet.

Green Home Buyers: 71% Female, 29% Male

Annual income 75K – 125K Nationwide. Probably more in this area.

40% of homeowners are using green products.

60% - 80% have some college or a college degree

64% are interested in cooking

79% are interested in continuous learning

76% are comparative shoppers

58% are socially & politically aware

40% are not interested in celebrity

68% are protecting their families

73% are interested in cost benefits – greater appreciated home value

82% are interested in occupant health

90% are interested in operational cost savings

84% have environmental concerns

29% say the obstacle to green is the lack of information and awareness

85% recommend green to family, friends, etc.


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