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How To Create A Bedroom Sanctuary For Adults and Children

I have focused on the 5 Elements and their usage and effect in the Bedroom. Listed here is a short guideline for laying out the bedroom, choosing colors and creating an atmosphere.

1) For children and teenagers, as with adults, the bed should lie diagonally across from the door, in the commanding position. This “commanding view” gives them a greater sense of control over their environment and lives. If this is not possible, place a mirror so that the door can be seen.

2) The bed and furniture should not be too big for the room or it will unbalance the occupants’ equilibrium, inhibiting body movements and unbalancing internal harmony. This is particularly import in children’s bedrooms as their minds and bodies are more impressionable.

3) Lighting should be soothing, but there should be access to a good reading light – Allow for one to be placed behind or beside the bed. Including a subdued light in a bedroom scheme will encourage a romantic and intimate mood. A teenager’s room usually has both a bed and a desk. Hang a mirror so that it reflects the door back to the teenager when he or she is studying at the desk. Being able to look up and see who is approaching from behind is comforting.

The 5 Elements in the Bedroom


The tree is the supreme natural symbol of dynamic growth, seasonal death, and regeneration. It is the axis through which divine energy flows from the supernatural to the natural world. Wood brings strength and dignity to your home. Buying woods which are sustainably harvested and treated with the respect due these life shaping beings is a challenge and achievement. The power of wood comes from its capacity for rapid expansion while staying flexible and able to yield where necessary. Use lighter and more delicate forms of the wood element in the bedroom because it is so powerful. Soft greens and flowing natural designs on the walls and furnishings are soothing and peaceful. Light reflecting objects made of glass or metal can elevate the room’s mood. This is an effective way to bring the wood element into the room without it being overpowering or becoming too dominant a force. Plasterwork of soft and natural colors can incorporate leaf and plant shapes and can be installed into a room of a suitable period and style.


Without the fire element, a home remains cold and detached, more suited to house machines than human beings. We are solar beings, living in the solar system, essentially made up from solar energy. Connecting to the fire element in our homes benefits all of us regardless of our elemental personalities. Fire is energizing, and not conducive to sleep, although the presence of the fireplace in the bedroom can make it a luxurious and sensual place where you can celebrate your sexuality. Wood fuels fire in the creative cycle. Because wood is used so predominantly in the bedroom, fire, as in the color red, should be used sparingly. Add red pillows, candles, cushions, but only for special occasions.


Earth energy moves in circles which link us to the circle of life. Dedicating your bedroom to mother earth will encourage a sense of bodily ease and will be a place where you can express your sexuality. It is the perfect place for walking barefoot, relaxing on colorful cushions on the floor or on the bed. It is your sanctum sanctorum. The air is fresh and clean. The materials are soft and tactile. It has a natural feeling of safety and stability. Paints should be made from natural pigments which provide a healthy and environmentally friendly atmosphere, free of poisonous emissions and long-term untested synthetics. This is of paramount importance to reestablish strong immune systems which help our resistance to disease. Earth and mineral pigments are ideal for allergy sufferers and in homes occupied by the very young and the elderly. Earth colors are ocher, sienna, ultramarine, umber, pink, cream, soft and clear green. These colors are in harmony with our own natural coloring, and we find them harmonious to live with. Sleeping in a bed made with nature’s finest gifts, such as pure grown wool, natural latex, organic cotton, sustainably harvested wood, and eco-safe silk, can enhance deep and restful sleep, for each product mentioned here has been raised or grown and manufactured with great respect for the Earth. You can tune into the nurturing qualities of the earth by filling your bedroom with beautiful aromas, textures, and sound. Walk barefoot here, relax, and enjoy.


Metal helps us to gather and process information without distraction from our senses, when incorporated in the bedroom. The metal element can promote good deep sleep, allowing the unconscious mind to relax and unwind. However, too much metal can cause unrest because it is cold, and will not stimulate sensuality or benefit your sex life, so use it sparingly, either as mattress springs or bed frame, but not both. Wood balances metal, so a wood frame and a tempered steel coil mattress and/or box spring make a harmonious mix. Metal also mixes well with water, which brings flexibility to metal, helping to loose it up because the water element is refreshing and uplifting.


The water element is particularly active when we sleep, as water is associated with receptivity to creativity and love. The water element helps us link to our intuition and enjoy a sense of mystery. The water bedroom has a quiet and peaceful quality. To enhance the water element in a bedroom, use fine lightweight fabrics such as silk or soft organic cotton for curtains and bedding such as sheets, duvet and pillow covers. Paint pale pastels and thin washes or glazes on the walls using colors found in abalone and mother of pearl shells, giving your bedroom a dream-like quality. Silver is the metal associated with the moon and water. Silver framed photographs, and objects, can enhance the water theme. Glass has the same reflective qualities as the moon, therefore glass and decorative mirrors are also desirable. Soft and reflective light creates a flattering and romantic atmosphere.

Many thanks to Suzy Chiazzari for her book “Home Harmony” Using the 5 elements to create a blissful, balanced home, from which I have culled much of the information I have used in this lecture.


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